Single-file distribution

Ultimately, deployment is about making your code available to your users: adding a dependency on bento in your package goes against it. To that goal, bento sources include a script which build a single file distribution of bento:

python tools/

This creates a bentomaker (bentomaker.exe on windows) file which contains everything needed to configure, build and install software packaged with bento. You only need to include this file in your source tarball, and that’s it – no need to install anything.

How does this work ?

The process is taken from the waf project, and is basically a simple python script which contains enough code to bootstrap itself, and a long ascii-encoded string representing the full bento code compressed in bzip2 format

Note:: as of today, most of the space is taken by windows executables. If you don’t support windows, you can strip down the size to around 120 kb:

python tools/ --noinclude-exe

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