Bentomaker, the command line interface to bento


Bentomaker is a simple python package which uses bento API to configure, build and install packages. A simple install with bentomaker looks like this:

bentomaker configure --prefix=/home/david/local
bentomaker build
bentomaker install

Or more simply:

bentomaker configure --prefix=/home/david/local
bentomaker install

bentomaker commands know which other command they depend on, and are automatically run if necessary.

Bentomaker has a basic help facility:

bentomaker help

will list all available commands. Once the project is configured, every installation path and user customization is set up, and cannot be changed (except by reconfiguring the package, of course).

Available commands


This command must be run before any build/install command. It is similar to the well-known configure script from autoconf. Every customizable option is available from the command help:

bentomaker configure -h

If the configure command is not run explicitely, it will automatically be run by any subsequent command.


This simply builds the package. For pure-python packages, it does almost nothing, except producing a `Build manifest`_. For packages with C extensions, the C extensions are built.



This command builds an egg from the package description. It currently requires that configure and build commands have been run.

This is experimental - although I intend to produce eggs which are as backward compatible as possible with existing tools (in particular enstaller, and hopefully virtualenv and buildout), eggs are implementation defined, and depend a lot on distutils idiosyncraties.


This simply produces a source tarball. Currently, only .tar.gz is supported.


This converts a package built from distutils, setuptools or numpy.distutils:

bentomaker convert

If successful, it will produce a file.

This is experimental, and may not work. Also, it cannot convert every package accurately, as it is based on inspecting’s execution. Nevertheless, it can already convert simple, but non trivial packages such as sphinx pretty accurately.

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